Lighten Your Toxic Load with Three Easy Steps!

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Lighten Your Toxic Load with Three Easy Steps!


Did you know that we are exposed to countless toxins every day from sources we may not even be aware of? Toxins are any substance that places undue stress on the body. The toxic load is the sum of these substances, accumulated within your body, and the burden they place on organs at any given time. Many of these toxins are hormone disruptors and wreak havoc on our health.


Over the last two decades, there has been a growing awareness of the adverse effects of exposure to chemicals that surround you every day from your cleaners, laundry soaps, plastic dishware, and essentially everything you find in your bathroom (perfume, body wash, shampoos & conditioners, and lotions to name a few). Unfortunately, we are bombarded with free radicals and toxic products. 


Over time, these can cause:


  • Developmental malformations
  • Reproductive interference
  • Increased risk of cancers and other diseases
  • Poor immune and nervous system function
  • Weight gain
  • Hormone disruption


The good news is we can start cleaning up our homes and our health TODAY. I recommend to download the EWG App and start scanning the products you regularly use in your home and start ditching & switching!


If you feel burdened or weighed down by the toxins in your life, the simplest solution is to lighten your toxic load. As you can imagine, anytime you introduce a new toxin to your body and space, your toxic load grows heavier, and it becomes more difficult for your body to filter toxins that come your way. Conversely, anytime you remove a toxin from your life, your toxic load grows lighter, giving your body a better chance of filtering and fighting off toxins.


For anyone looking for simple ways to lighten their toxic load, here are three easy things you can do today to start reducing your toxic burden.


1. Drink more water.If you feel like your toxic load is growing too intense for your body to handle, consider upping your water intake. While you’ll need to evaluate what kinds of toxins you might be putting on or in your body and adjust from there, you can flush a lot of toxins out of your body simply by drinking water. If you struggle to stay hydrated, motivate yourself with a cute water bottle, add a citrus or mint essential oil to a non-plastic container, or put a reminder on your phone that goes off several times a day to remind you to drink water.


2. Read labels.One of the easiest ways to reduce the toxins is to remove the ones lurking in your cabinets. Sadly, many of the products we know and love contain synthetic ingredients. Everyday products like perfumes, skin care products, lotions, toothpaste, cosmetics and more can be major culprits contributing to your toxic load. I recommend going to your bathroom cabinet and look at the labels on the products. Do you recognize their ingredients? Use something more natural if the products you have seem questionable.


For example, you can use Frankincense essential oil as a natural way to care for your skin. Lavender essential oil can be used naturally to support a better night’s sleep.* There are so many natural solutions to help support your lifestyle and well-being. If you’re looking for natural products to help you reduce your toxic load, feel free to reach out to me for a complimentary 30-minute wellness consult. 


3. Get moving.  As we mentioned, your body has an incredible filtration system that helps protect you against toxins you encounter. When that filtration system is overloaded, you start exceeding the threshold of toxins that your body can handle. Taking good care of your body—moving, sweating, and exercising—is a great way to strengthen your body so it can defend you against toxins in the future. Exercise helps strengthen the body’s natural defenses so when toxins come your way, it’s better equipped to ward them off.


I invite you to hop on over to my Insta and/or Facebook pages this month. I am sharing the importance of happy and healthy hormones. I will focus on identifying hormone disruptors and where to find them, common symptoms of hormone imbalance, how to balance your hormones naturally, understanding your cycle and hormones and so much more!


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about using natural solutions and reducing your toxic load for you and your family. 


Until the next time,


Be well, Deanna

Peace. Love. Oils. 


Deanna Snyder, RN

About the Author: Deanna Snyder, RN

Deanna is a seasoned registered nurse who specialized in adult critical care, is certified as a health coach, Reiki & ARōMATOUCH practitioner. She is a wellness advocate and community volunteer.  With over 35 years of healthcare experience, Deanna will take you on a journey of health, wellness, and vitality as you crowd out old habits and replace them with natural, safe and effective alternatives.