Summer Ready Using Natural Solutions

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This month marks a special milestone for me and Be Well Essentials.  On June 6, 2019, I started posting monthly blogs featuring various topics focusing on health and well-being by using natural solutions powered by the sun! I have been a strong advocate for wellness and sharing that everything we put ON and IN our bodies either feeds or fights dis-ease in our bodies.  I invite you to check out my past posts, which remain timeless and relevant!


The weather is heating up and we find ourselves enjoying the great outdoors.  Unfortunately, most of the products on the market that help combat the sun, bugs, bumps, and bruises can be filled with toxic ingredients that disrupt our bodies and can lead to unfavorable outcomes in our health and overall well-being. 


Summer Skin Care

Essential tips for maintaining healthy and radiant skin during the summer months.


  1. Apply a broad-spectrum non-toxic & environmentally friendly sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher before going outdoors.
  2. Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours.
  3. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and maintain its elasticity. Toss in electrolytes to maintain your optimal metabolic balance.
  4. Wear protective clothing, sunglasses, and hats to minimize sun exposure.
  5. Hydrate your skin with a lightweight moisturizer to replenish moisture lost during sun exposure.


Fun in the Sun!

In my Power of the Sun - Summer Suncare post, I share how our amazing dōTERRA sun product line helps support you and your family.   We have a special this month, where you can get our trusted and convenient travel-friendly sun protection kit featuring our doTERRA sun Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Stick, doTERRA sun After Sun Restorative Body Mist, and our BRAND NEW doTERRA sun Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm in a cute little water-resistant bag.


Ready for Anything!

In my Ready for Anything Using Natural Solutions post, I share my top favorite products featuring Correct-X® (soothes skin irritations and imperfections), Deep Blue Rub® Samples and Deep Blue Stick (soothes those overworked muscles and joints), TerraShield Spray (protects you from those pesky bugs), Lavender Touch (known for its calming and relaxing properties, plus soothing to occasional skin irritations), doTERRA sun Body Mineral Sunscreen Spray, Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Stick, Face Mineral Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer and After Sun Restorative Body Spray (that protects and soothes your skin from UVA/UVB rays).


Hot Weather Refresh Cooling Spray

  • ¾ cup Distilled Water
  • 2 tablespoons Witch Hazel
  • 5 drops Spearmint Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 8 ounce Spray Bottle


  1. Combine all ingredients in the 8-ounce spray bottle.
  2. Shake to combine all ingredients thoroughly. 
  3. Spray on your skin for a cooling and refreshing pick-me-up!


It’s in the Bag!

Grab yourself a few or all of the above-mentioned items in this special curated bag of summer essentials.  Feel free to add or delete any item that fits with your lifestyle.   



Join me on my FaceBook and Instagram pages. Get ready for a jam-packed summer with outdoor adventures and essential oils! We will dive into DIY summer blends that will make your backyard feel like a tropical, bug-free paradise, discover little projects to keep the kids entertained and we will uncover gardening tips, the dōTERRA sun line, doTERRA Recharge, as well as refreshing drink mixes and other fun ideas for you to enjoy this summer!


There are so many options to live a toxin-free lifestyle. Feel free to reach out to me for your custom health plan. 


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Until the next time,

Be Well, Deanna

Peace. Love. Oils.  



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Deanna Snyder, RN

About the Author: Deanna Snyder, RN

Deanna is a seasoned registered nurse who specialized in adult critical care, and is certified as a health coach, Reiki & AROMATOUCH practitioner. She is a wellness advocate and community volunteer.  With over 35 years of healthcare experience, Deanna will take you on a journey of health, wellness, and vitality as you crowd out old habits and replace them with natural, safe, and effective alternatives.