Calories: The Good and Bad

Calories: The Good and Bad

It's that time of year when families gather and we go to parties to indulge in festive food and drink. Now, some of us may not be gathering as we did prior to Covid restrictions, but cooking and keeping family traditions is important. Food and drink bring us comfort. We need to fill up on the good calories and do our best to avoid empty calorie food. The holidays can bring on stress, and 2020 has its own set of unique circumstances. Making a commitment... Read More

By: Deanna Snyder, RN Tuesday November 3, 2020 comments Tags: #HealthyEating, #BeWellEssentials, #DeannaSnyder, #dōTERRA. , #GoodCarbs, #HolidayEating, #youarewhatyoueat, #healthychoices, #inprogress, #healthyjourney