2020. A Year to Remember!

By: Deanna Snyder, RN Thursday December 10, 2020 comments Tags: #BeWellEssentials, #DeannaSnyder, #dōTERRA. , #2020




We can all agree that we have never seen a year like this one.  


I remember as a little child standing in line at the grocery store and someone mentioned how wonderful things will be in the year 2020. 


Why this has stuck in my memory when I can’t even remember why I walked into a room, I will never know!!  


I thought to myself that seems a long time from now and I’ll be so old, 54-55. Well, if that younger me knew how fast time flies and actually, 54-55 years old is not so old after all, would I have done anything differently. Probably not as each decision and experience makes us who we are today. 


This year has brought us a lot of challenges. It was a year that showed us to slow down and rethink how and what we are doing. Who knew toilet paper would be one of the number one products of 2020?! We were introduced to new words in our vernacular such as social distancing, community spread, isolation, incubation period, quarantine, flatten the curve, frontline workers, essential workers, and PPE (personal protective equipment). We learned to pivot during these uncertain and unprecedented times. I don’t know about you, but that simple sentence sends chills up my spine and causes my cortisol levels to rise. 


Personally, I reevaluated how I spend my time and with whom I spend my time. I’ve always known that life is precious. My 30-plus years in the healthcare industry taught me that important lesson. Being a critical care registered nurse showed me that we never know when our health can deteriorate and life as we know it will never be the same. One of my favorite quotes is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The first wealth is health,” and “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live,” by Jim Rohn. Many of found out how precious life is as we buried loved ones and our hearts are still tender.  Saying goodbye is difficult, but social distancing during our time of grief is another level of grief. 


This year woke most of us all up as we opened our eyes to many injustices that plagued our world.  Everyone is fighting a battle and this year showed that others’ battles continue to greater than others. 


During all this, I believe it did bring our world closer together as we connected electronically on ZOOM, FaceTime or Skype, text message, email or that dinosaur, the phone.  I am thankful that we had this technology to physically distanced and socially connected. 


In closing, I invite you to take your favorite warm beverage that warms your soul and reflect on the good things that happened.  Let those memories shine over and overtake any unpleasant ones. 


My prayer for the new year is that we find away to respect and embrace our differences and treat each other with love, respect and kindness. May 2021 be a year were we can rebound, refresh and renew our connections with friends and family.  Have a peaceful holiday season as we bring in a new year filled with hope. 


What is your intention for new year?


Until the next time,


Be Well, de  

Peace. Love. Oils.  

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Deanna Snyder, RN

About the Author: Deanna Snyder, RN

Deanna is a seasoned registered nurse who specialized in adult critical care, is certified as a health coach, Reiki & ARōMATOUCH practitioner. She is a wellness advocate and community volunteer.  With over 35 years of healthcare experience, Deanna will take you on a journey of health, wellness, and vitality as you crowd out old habits and replace them with natural, safe and effective alternatives.