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Think about your current health and wellness.


What do you want to feel LESS of? 


What do you want to fee MORE of?


Let's set up a time to meet and talk about your health goals and concerns, a little about doTERRA and our most popular products. My part takes about 30-minutes. You don't have to buy anything, but if you see something you like, of course, I will help you order it! 

The Science Behind Cellular Beauty Complex

10% off

Healthy Skin Comes from within.


Yarrow|Pom contains a special blend of essential oils that help mitigate oxidative stress. 

Some of the these include, Celery Seed, Frankincense, Palmarosa and Turmeric.

Yarrow|Pom includes superoxide dismutase (SOD), a compound found in melon concentrate. 

According to research, SOD-rick melon concentrate improves skin radiance in women. 

Vitamin C, an ingredient in Yarrow|Pom, plays a crucial role in skin repair, elasticity and health. 

Zinc, another ingredient of Yarrow|Pom, is involved in many aspects of cellular metabolism. 

Pomegranate seed oil contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLnA), which, according to studies may have protective benefits on certain body tissues when taken internally. 

  • Improves skin firmness and reduce skin imperfections*

  • Illuminate and brighten complexion.*

  • Provide powerful antioxidant support and promote cellular health.*

Available for 10% until April 30, 2020

Unique Like You

10% off

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On sale this month!

10% off Melissa 5 mL

This rare and precious essential oil can be used for everything: saving your skin, calming your nerves, and much more. 


  • If cold weather or changing seasons are taking a toll on your skin, use Melissa oil for soothing and rejuvenating comfort. 

  • Worried about protecting your body during this time of year? Have peace of mind when you use Melissa to support a healthy immune system.*

  • When tensions are running high, calm the nerves with Melissa so that you can enjoy every moment.*


Available for 10% until April 30, 2020

FREE Product of the Month!


FREE 15 mL Clementine

Place a 125 PV order on your Loyalty Rewards Order by April 15.

Clementine, a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange, produces an essential oil that is abundant in limonene and has an array of benefits with a sweet, fresh aroma. Clementine essential oil has versatile application methods and can be used in many different situations. Some supporting research shows that when taken internally, the limonene in Clementine may support metabolic function and gastrointestinal health.* When needed, take one to two drops of Clementine essential oil to help maintain a healthy digestive system.* Sweeter and zestier than other citrus oils, diffuse Clementine throughout your home for a fresh, uplifting aroma and to help cleanse the air of unwanted smells.

  • Provides a light, pleasant and uplifting aroma

  • May support healthy respiratory, immune and digestive function when taken internally

  • Natural cleansing properties

Favorite Diffuser Recipes

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DIY Recipe

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